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Bespoke websites take a considerable amount of time to build and involve a lot of discussions to understand business requirements. A website isn't just a pretty face to show customers you exist. It's a concise marriage of your business needs and business identity. A website should embody the heart and soul of your business, otherwise what is the point?
Building a presence

So what goes
into a website?

I only use dedicated cloud hosting that is fast, reliable, and extremely affordable.
You will never share a server with someone else or share someone else's resources.
Every website hosted with me uses digital ocean droplets.

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Premium plugins
for free

Having spent £1,000s on plugins over the years I now find myself in the fortunate position to offer a lot of these plugins at a significantly reduced cost to all my clients.
Main plugins
Wpmudev plugins
Elfsight plugins
Amelia is probably the best Wordpress booking plugin, specialising in dealing with appointment and event bookings. For the vast majority of small businesses, this plugin will more than cover all your needs. MailPoet is an excellent newsletter plugin in the Wordpress world. If you want to run multiple newsletter campaigns this plugin will deliver.

What I love about both Amelia and MailPoet, and the reason I chose these two plugins, is they both work from within the Wordpress dashboard. So all your website work, bookings, newsletter campaigns, basically your entire business, can be run under one roof, with one login, and one dashboard.
I am a member of WPMUDEV, just simply because they are so amazing. This means all my clients have access to all their premium plugins. WPMUDEV is one of, if not the number one plugin developer for Wordpress. They have been around for years and have pioneered many plugins.

• Smush Pro is, without doubt, the best image optimisation plugin in the Wordpress ecosystem. Every website MUST have an image optimisation plugin, without question.
• Hummingbird is a brilliant website optimisation plugins, including things like minification, gzip compression and caching etc.
• Defender deals with your security and is probably the best Wordpress security plugin there is.
• Forminator is an all in one form plugin that allows payments, quizzes, skip logic and various other cool features.
• Hustle deals with popups and social media engagement.
• Smartcrawl is a comprehensive SEO plugin. For more information on all the plugins just click on their respective links below.
I have also partnered with an extremely talented team, Elfsight. They make some incredible pieces of software that can be easily added to any website. Things like chat widgets, review displays (Google, Amazon, Facebook etc), as well as displaying some of your favourite social feeds like Instagram and Twitter.

Review plugins
Social feed widgets
Social chat widgets
There are approximately 71 different plugins/widgets in total that you can view. Please note not all will be avaliable to everyone and should be discussed on a case by case basis. My priority is to make sure your website is fast and secure.

Pricing that
suits everyone

For any business just starting out, the bronze plan will more than cover your needs.
The silver plan gives that extra performance and web traffic for websites that are becoming established.
Gold plans and higher are geared towards big websites or shops.
Contact me for more tailored pricing.




dedicated memory

1 GB
2 GB
8 GB

No. of cpus

2 CPUs
4 CPUs

Storage allowance

10 GB
15 GB
50 GB


1 TB
2 TB
8 TB

Monthly visitors








Care plan

Care plan +

Dev plan

Website updates


Advanced security


Newsletter plugins

Unlimited emails
5,000 subscribers
Unlimited emails
20,000 subscribers

Online booking plugin

Unlimited bookings
Unlimited events
Unlimited bookings
Unlimited events

extra premium plugins

All wpmudev plugins
All wpmudev plugins
All elfsight plugins

Dedicated dev hours







If there are plugins or services you would really like but don't need the other additional benefits just contact me for a custom pricing plan.

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